My favourite job

The beautiful weather continues Рclear sunny days and frosty nights are perfect for January, the mild conditions so far this winter has been a problem, encouraging early and weak  growth on hardy plants and the danger of damping off and fungal diseases on glasshouse crops, so a spell of colder drier weather will help.

We have a hare resident on the nursery.I see him occasionally (he’s big so I’m assuming male) although he soon bounces away,those big ears are very effective early warning systems!We also have some crafty field mice sneaking into our polytunnels and harvesting the fresh growth from young alpines and perennials,they are more active in winter when food is presumably harder to find outside.

I noticed some mice damage while weeding some perennials in pots in one of the tunnels.I do find this my favourite and most relaxing job at this time of year,it’s a simple and satisfying task . When you’re done you can see that you’ve achieved something and while you’re doing it you can let your thoughts go anywhere from planning the year ahead to daydreaming about more pleasant times.I’d be interested to hear from anyone about their favourite gardening job and why they enjoy it.

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