A day at the market

One of the ways that we sell the plants we produce here is via retail markets, here are a few pics from my day today which began with a cough and a coffee at 3.30am.After a while when I began to feel human, I drove to the nursery to pick up my van and set off to go to Ulverston at 4.30am returning about thirteen hours later, which is a long day but interesting mainly because I get to meet and talk to a real variety of people and hopefully sell some plants as well.

Almost white van

Ulverston at 6am

My stall at 8.30am

Seed potatoes are selling well


9.30am Breakfast at the Olde Ulverston Tea Rooms

George and Irene Wilson my neighbours on the market

Angus of the Cumbrian Pig Company

Urban Legendz (John supplies me with coffee)

Stan Laurel was born in Ulverston

3pm time to pack up

Flowering plants from our nursery





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