It might as well be Spring

The rise in temperatures in the last few days has had a dramatic effect on plants here on the nursery ,they all look a little happier , growth buds have swelled on shrubs and perennials are pushing up their new shoots. The biggest effect is on the spring flowering bulbs, they are suddenly flowering whereas before they seemed to have been in bud for ages, patiently waiting for some warmth.

For gardeners , seeing Snowdrops ¬†Crocuses and miniature Narcissus flowering acts like an injection of hope and energy – it means the best time of year is approaching and it’s time to act instead of just making plans. Here are a few photos of spring flowers taken by my wife Jo, hope you like them.

Snowdrops the first flowers of the year

Crocus thomasinianus

Miniature Narcissus flowering today




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