Mad March

It’s now the middle of March and suddenly we are very busy and you can almost hear the plants growing. Hardy perennials such as Delphiniums and Lupins, Hollyhocks and Foxgloves are making fast growth, it’s hard to believe that they were virtually dormant a few weeks ago. Many shrubs and trees are also coming into leaf and Forsythias, Flowering Currants and early flowering Brooms are all showing colour and Photinia Red Robin has deep red new leaves.

It’s a great time of year to be a nurseryman, despite the increased work load  I feel much more energetic and optimistic – I think most people do which just shows we are still aligned with the natural rhythms much more than we realise.

In the greenhouses there are Tomato plants almost ready for sale, lots of flowering houseplants (it’s Mothers Day this weekend) and many summer flowering plants such as Pelargoniums and Fuchsias which are beginning to make fast progress.We have a large selection of hanging basket plug plants which we are currently selling both by mail order and from the nursery and the first lots of bedding plants have been pricked out to grow on for selling in May.

Roses are almost in full leaf now and early flowering Alpines such as Aubretia and Arabis are flowering – along with Alyssum saxatile and Phlox subulata these make a great show from spring to early summer. Snakes head fritillaries are unfurling their bizarre flowers and Scillas and Chionodoxas are fully out. Alliums and Eremurus, although they don’t flower until summer, are growing fresh leaves which will only last until flowering time when they die away.

There’s a lot more going on here including vegetables and fruit trees and bushes, herbs and hedging plants ,why not come and see for yourself? Just a warning, though, if we see you loitering aimlessly we may put you to work!

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