April showers

After the heatwave in March, the weather here has turned much colder and wetter and we have had one or two frosts which have caused some damage to new growth on various plants including Pieris and Buddleias. They will recover in a few weeks, and all the tender plants are still in the polytunnels and greenhouses where they are well protected from the weather.They will not be outside for a month or so when, hopefully, it will be a bit warmer.Below are some photographs taken on a walk around the nursery earlier this week.

Plug plants are selling well both here and by mail order.

This is Fuchsia autumnale an unusual trailing variety with coloured leaves.

Ornamental grasses are just beginning to come to life.

New growth on hardy ferns is beautiful in spring.

A view of the outdoor beds at the nursery.

We all make mistakes - this Cowslip is supposed to be a Primula Japonica.

Auriculas are a great old fashioned plant becoming popular again.

Blue Hydrangeas in the greenhouse.

White Azaleas always look fresh and clean.

Our shop and farmhouse taken from the nursery.

Finally, a view of the alpine beds.






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