Summer is here

So last week we saw one of the best weeks so far. Well as far as the weather was concerned anyway. For me however i was away for the week.

unfortunatly while i was away i could not get work out of my mind. One thing that came to mind was the fact we need to order christmas trees soon.

Realy its hot, its sunny and there is no bad weather in sight. But I am thinking about what and how many trees to order. I must be out of my mind.

Still business can not be held back or postponed due to weather so ahead with the plans for winter here we go.

The spring veg has been sown ready for sale in around a month.

The cyclamen have been potted months ago ready for the lead up to christmas and i look forward to the first delivery of bulbs.

Well i say look forward to (i hate bulbs) Had years working with them, then sudenly, out of the blue my hands decided not to agree with the handling of thousands of them.


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