Bare Root Perennials


How to plant

Soak Roots If the roots on the bare root perennials have dried out, place them in a bucket of water to soak while you gather your supplies and dig the planting hole.

Planting When you’re ready to plant your bare root perennials outdoors, dig a hole about twice as wide and deep as the root ball. Backfill the hole to create a mound in the center. Place the root ball on the mound, spreading the smaller roots down around the sides. The crown of the root ball should be right at ground level, unless your planting instructions indicate otherwise. Gently press the soil firm around the plant.

Water Water bare root perennials thoroughly after planting to settle the soil, but overall keep the plants on the dry side until they start actively growing. Soggy, cold soil is deadly to new plants, and they won’t absorb much while dormant anyway.

Mulch Hold off on mulch until the plants start growing – you don’t want to over-insulate the roots or hold in too much moisture until they’re established.

Label Be sure to label your new perennials with plant stakes, so you can keep track of what’s growing!

Fertilize Wait to fertilize until the plants are about 6” tall and spring is in full swing. A balanced organic fertilizer or compost should do the trick.

Pruning As your plants grow, pinch back leggy stems to encourage branching.

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