planting plug plants


How to plant

Ideally plug tray plants should be potted up as soon as you receive them. If there is a delay, keep them in a cool, bright and well ventilated place.
Plant the plug tray plants individually into 5-7cm pots or trays of multi-purpose compost, if you are using trays – allow 5-7cm spacing between plants to allow for growth. Simply make a hole in the compost slightly larger than the plug and place the plug in, gently firming the compost around the roots. Stand your newly potted plants in a tray of water for 10 minutes until the compost is moist on the surface and then allow any excess water to drain away. Place your plants in a frost-free greenhouse, conservatory or on a cool, bright windowsill. Growing your plants in cool conditions will encourage sturdy, strong growth – too much warmth will encourage weak and leggy growth.

Planting out

When plants are well grown, acclimatise them (harden off) to the lower outdoor temperatures for at least a week before planting outdoors. This simply means placing your plants outside during the day and bringing them undercover at night (or covering with fleece). It’s best not to leave your plants outside if temperatures are likely to fall below 5°C (41°F). Only plant out half-hardy or tender plants permanently once all risk of frost has passed.

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