Blackberry Waldo

A relatively new early thornless blackberry, ripening mid to late July. Good resistance to cane and leaf spot and purple blotch. Thornless canes are semi-erect and moderately vigorous but are rather brittle and can be damaged in exposed situations – they should be tied in early. The fruit is of excellent quality, large and very firm with an intensely glossy black colour. Makes superb jam. The flavour is excellent. Requires 1.8m (6ft) of wall space.


Blackberry Chester

Completely thorn free, but produces a large crop of sweet, juicy, ivory black fruits from August onwards each year. Grow Chester up a trellis or along a fence where the self-supporting stems will hold themselves up and offer you their rich pickings. Chester is tough and hardy and will thrive in the poorest of soils, but enjoys a sunny spot where the fruit will tend to have the sweetest flavour


Blackberry Adrienne

A vigorous, early fruiting, thorn-less variety which produces firm, tasty beries approximately a week before Waldo.


Blackberry Black Butte

Vigorous variety with thorns grown for the huge fruits which can be picked from late July, self fertile.


Blackberry Evergreen Thornless

A blackberry whose foliage is both attractive and has excellent colour during the Autumn. Produces masses of round berries of excellent flavour. Self-fertile.






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