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Blackcurrant Baldwin

 Blackcurrant Ben Lomond

This strong growing variety really thrives after a hard Winter, producing bumper crops – and flowering late, the blossom is rarely damaged even by late frosts.Heavy crops of dark black currants are produced late July – early August.Recommended by the RHS to be an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other beneficial insects.Harvest from late July. Self Fertile. Good resistance to mildew.

Blackcurrant Ben More

Raised by the Scottish Crop Research Institute , Ben More is by far the best for plant habit, making a good cup-shaped. easy to manage bush. It is the latest flowering, even a few days later than Jet, so normally avoiding spring frosts but with the advantage of fruiting much earlier (same time as Baldwin). The fruits are very large produced on shortish strings and ripen evenly with the excellent true blackcurrant flavour. The bush is upright with very strong branches that support the massive crop well.

Blackcurrant Ben Nevis

Blackcurrant Ben Nevis is very similar to Ben Lomond, the difference being that Ben Nevis tends to be taller and more vigorous and compact. It will produce well flavoured medium sized blackcurrants which are ready for picking from late July. It has good resistance to mildew and frost.

Blackcurrant Ben Tirran

Blackcurrant Ben Tirran is a late season cropper which provides a good extension to the season. Vigorous high yielding variety medium sized juicy fruit.

Blackcurrant Titania

A recent release – Swedish cultivated, mid-season variety. Fruit quality is outstanding – the very large berries have a high juice content and plenty of flavour, making them excellent for juicing and a host of culinary uses including pies and preserves. The fruit ripens from early July and will crop through until early August, giving it one of the longest cropping seasons of any blackcurrant. Titania has a vigorous upright growth habit and is resistant to powdery mildew and rust. Eventual height and spread: 1.2m (4ft). Cropping season: July/August. Self fertile.




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11 Baldwin Blackcurrent bare root bush£2.950
23 Baldwin Blackcurrent bare root bush £8.500
31 Ben alder Blackcurrent bare root bush£2.950
43 ben alder Blackcurrent bare root bush £8.500
51 Ben Connan Blackcurrant bare root bush£2.950
63 Ben Connan Blackcurrant bare root bush£8.500
71 Ben Hope Blackcurrant bare root bush£2.950
83 Ben Hope Blackcurrant bare root bushes£8.500
91 Ben Sarek Blackcurrant bare root bush£2.950
103 Ben Sarek Blackcurrant bare root bushes£8.500
111 Ben Lomond Blackcurrant bare root bush£2.950
123 Ben Lomond Blackcurrant bare root bushes£8.500
131 Ben More Blackcurrant bare root bush£2.950
143 Ben More Blackcurrant bare root bushes£8.500
151 Ben Tirran Blackcurrant bare root bush£2.950
163 Ben Tirran Blackcurrant bare root bushes£8.500

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