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Berkeley Blueberry

The most popular home garden variety of blueberry. Grows well in mild climates. The fruit is great eaten fresh with fine flavor, firmness and appearance. It also exhibits a long shelf life for storage. Late mid-season, medium to large size berries, are a light, powder blue. Height: 4′ – 6′.


Hardiblue Blueberry

Medium size fruit of good quality with sweet flavour. Foliage turns red in the fall. Great for cooking, flavor comes through well.


Blue Crop Blueberry

Open, medium to large berry clusters. Large to very large, firm berries. Tart if picked early, spicy when fully ripe. Good for fresh eating, preserves, baking and freezing. Foliage turns fiery red in the Autumn. Bears for over one month.

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11 Berkeley Blueberry bare root plant£3.950
23 Berkeley Blueberry bare root plants£11.500
31 Hardiblue Blueberry bare root bplant£3.950
43 Hardiblue Blueberry bare root plant£11.500
51 Blue Crop Blueberry bare root plant£3.950
63 Blue Crop Blueberry bare root plants£11.500

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