We have a wide selection of lettuce plants all sort of sizes shapes and colour bellow is a list of all types we stock over the year.

Frank, Salidin, Iceberg, Lollo Bionda, Lollo Rosa, Roxy, Red Salid Bowl, Green Salid Bowl, Concord, Little Gem, Babylon, Pandero, Cancan, Mohican, Chosper, Brgamo, Solmar, Bughatti, Catalogna Rosa, Charita, Frillice.

They are available in packs from the nursery but we only sell in set ways on the web as the varieties that are ready are constantly changing.

The available in mail order are in mixed, red, green, cut come again green, cut come again red.



Product Options
112 plants of red£3.0018
212 plants of green£3.0018
312 cut come again£3.0019
412 mixed plants£3.0019
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