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As with all veg availability is subject to growing season. All Beans on this page Available May onwards

Scarlet EmpireA modern and much improved version of Scarlet Emporer. Produces smooth, narrow, stringless pods, which typically measure 30 x 2.5cm. Excellent vigour with long cropping period. Resistant to all relevant viruses

The Runner Bean Red Rum

Runner Bean Hestia. Dwarf Bicolour with good quality beans over a long harvest period.

The Runner Bean Hestia

Runner Bean Minnow. Red Flowered half sized slender pods with a sweet flavour.

The Runner Bean Minnow


Product Options
11 Pack of 6 Plants Scarlet Empire£1.2515
25 Packs = 30 Scarlet Empire£5.005
31 Pack of 6 Plants Hestia£1.2518
45 Packs = 30 Hestia£5.0010
51 Pack of 6 Plants Minnow£1.2516
65 Packs = 30 Plants Minnow£5.009
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