Salad Leaf Vegetables

We have a wide selection of  baby leaf and salad leaf herbs.

Perpetual Spinach.



Fennel Root

Fennel Root







Rhubarb Chard

Swiss Chard

Pac Choi White

Pac Choi Red Ruben


Product Options
11 Pack of 6 Perpetual Spinach£1.250
21 pack of 6 Celeriac£1.250
31 pack of 6 Chicory£1.250
41 pack of 6 Fennel£1.250
51 pack of 6 Rhubarb Chard£1.250
61 Pack of 6 Swiss Chard£1.250
71 pack of 6 Pac Choi White£1.250
81 pack of 6 Pac Choi Red Ruben£1.250
91 paqck of 6 Mustard Red Giant£1.250

SORRY - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Please contact us for details of availability.

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