We have 3 different melons on offer this year.


Melan Galia. Galia type hybrid that produces very uniform, round fruit, with a small cavity and attractive netting. The salmon coloured flesh is firm, with good flavour and a high Brix level. Typical size is 0.8-1.2Kg


Melon Jade Lady. A Honeydew F1 hybrid producing fruit weighing approximately 1.5- 2.5Kg. The rind is smooth and creamy-white in colour. The flesh is tender, light green in colour. High sugar content gives the flesh a sweet taste


Melon Champayne. An excellent ice box watermelon, with fine, crispy flesh and sweet flavour. Externally the melon is green with pale white stripes. Fruit is small to medium size.














Product Options
13 Galia Plants£3.750
23 Jade Lady Plants£3.750
33 Champagne Plants£3.750

SORRY - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Please contact us for details of availability.

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