We have 4 different types of true pumpkins and some others can be found squashes.

Available mid may onwards dependent on growing season.


Baby Bear. Semi-blush habit orange skin, smooth ribs and large in size. ideal for halloween.


Atlantic Giant. A very large pumpkin with light orange skin.


Munchkin. A miniature pumpkin. Can be eaten like courgettes or marrows and has a sweet flavour.










Hooligan. A bicoloured plant with vine like habbit. Good Yields. 110gram weight fruits average. Great flavour.


Snowman. A unique white coloured variety. Produces uniform, smooth skinned fruits.











Jack O Lantern  great for halloween fruit 4-7kg smooth skinned fruits.




Product Options
13 Baby Bear Plants£3.5020
23 Atlantic Giant Plants£3.5019
33 Munchkin Plants£3.5020
43 Hooligan Plants£3.5020
53 Snowman Plants£3.5020
63 Jack O Lantern Plants£3.5020
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