Chilli Peppers

Plants are supplied when they are strong enough for transit and are taken from a 9cm pot loose soil removed wrapped and packed. they are normally 4-6 inches high dependent on year and variety.

We have a range of chilli peppers, some not for the faint hearted. These are available may onwards dependent on growing season.



Product Options
13 Apache Plants£3.509
23 Cheyenne Plants£3.5010
33 Scotch Bonnet Plants£3.509
43 Cayenne Plants£3.5010
53 Golden Cayenne Plants£3.509
63 Jalapeno Plants£3.509
73 Numex Twilight Plants£3.509
83 Big Jim Plants£3.509
93 Basket of Fire Plants£3.5010
103 Bulgarian Carrot Plants£3.509
113 Pot Black Plants£3.5010
123 Habenero Chocolate£3.509
133 Demon red Plants£3.5010
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