Sweet Pepper

Plants are supplied when they are strong enough for transit and are taken from a 9cm pot loose soil removed wrapped and packed. they are normally 4-6 inches high dependent on year and variety.

Available May onwards dependent on growing season.



Poseidon. The pepper that you normally buy from the supermarket.


Ox Horn Diablo. A green/red pepper which is long and pointed. A high yeilding pepper. Thick and crunchy skin.


Ox Horn Ringo. A green/yellow pepper with the same attributes as Diablo.











Bell Boy. Usually used to produce great green peppers but will ripen to red. Good Thick crunchy walls.

Torpedo Rosso. Compact high yielding variety with semi round red fruit with a sweet flavour.


Sweet Banana. Compact variety producing green to yellow fruit. They reach up to 8 inches long.










Redskin. A true dwarf bell pepper which is ideal for pots and tubs and is early fruiting. Excellent yielding.


Mohawk. A true dwarf pepper which has a good yield of sweet orange peppers.

Torpedo Giallo. A compact high yielding semi round yellow fruiter. With a sweet flavour.












Product Options
13 Posiedon Plants£3.5027
23 Topedo Rosso Plants£3.5019
33 Topedo Giallo Plants£3.5018
43 Ox Horn Diablo Plants£3.5016
53 Ox Horn Ringo Plants£3.5019
63 Redskin Plants£3.5019
73 Mowhawk Plants£3.5019
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