Fancy, Strange & Unusual Tomatoes

Big Boy

Beef type with perfectly smooth deep globe fruits. Thick walled with scarlet red skins.

Super Marmand

Outdoor Beef type. Large ribbed red fruit with a fine flavour.


An ox heart variety with large fruit that has a high concentrated pulp. A real taster for cold house production.


A dwarf variety that does not need side shooting making it a great plant for masses of fruit and very little care.

Bloody Butcher

It is an old heirloom variety that produces medium sized red tomatoes with darker red juicy flesh inside. Bloody Butcher tomatoes have thin but firm flesh with a sweet, strong old-fashioned tomato flavour that is very well rated.


The finest of the preferred supermarket size tomatoes that we’ve grown. Completely greenback free, Tomato ‘Tigerella’ crops heavily and over three weeks earlier than ‘Moneymaker’. The rich, tangy fruits have a unique flavour to complement the visual appeal of those clearly defined red and yellow stripes.

Big Green

A vigorous and high yielding variety that produces very large, round fruits, which can easily weigh 300 grams or more. Excellent flavour and good shelf life performance. Bright green fruits that remain green even when mature.



Tropical Ruby

Very sweet oblong shaped fruits with high sugar content. Bright red in colour.

Red Zebra

Large striped fruit, extremely sweet with a open habit.

Tiny Tim

Compact habit can be grown on a window sill or on the patio. Small fruit.

Sweet Olive

High quality plum, excellent flavour, indoors or outside.



Cherry variety, up to 50 fruits per truss, good flavour, red colour skin.


Cherry variety, up to 50 fruits per truss, good flavour, creamy colour skin.


Product Options
13 Big Boy Plants£3.0020
23 Super Marmand Plants£3.0020
33 Albenga Plants£3.000
43 Totem Plants£3.5018
53 Bloody Butcher Plants£3.0017
63 Tigerella Plants£3.000
73 Big Green Plants£3.0010
83 Rosada Plants£3.000
93 Tumbling Jester Plants£3.000
103 Micro Tom Plants£3.500
113 Tropical Ruby Plants£3.008
123 Red Zebra Plants£3.009
133 Tiny Tim Plants£3.9510
143 Sweet Olive Plants £3.009
153 Little Sun Plants£3.950
163 Tomatoberry Plants£3.008
173 Snowberry Plants £3.0010
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